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La cura di corpo e mente è indispensabile per raggiungere benessere 



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 Sicilian Retreat Center


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born from a dream cultivated over time


Our mission is to take care of people. We do this every day with our work as holistic operators. 

From there the vision of bringing the person's well-being to a more complete, broader level.

A longer time made up of treatments, walks in nature, good food, places to visit and share. A time to give yourself a break from everyday life, in a different way, not just holidays and free time, but a time to find yourself and reconnect with the true essence. 

It is not a luxurious location, it is not a spa, it is not the new trend in which the guest finds all the comforts to feel 'pampered'. 

It is a new way of living, in contact with nature and ourselves, with ancient traditions and cultures that often, caught up in the frenzy of 'doing', we relegate to the bottom of our priorities. 

All in a climate of sharing spaces, tasks, carefree moments and moments of reflection. 

Why did we call it ADDIMURA? 

It is a term known to Sicilians, chosen here for its dual meaning and sound. Of sonority because it recalls the home, therefore the dimension of home, in the broader sense of an 'inner' home; 

in meaning because the verb addimurare means to hold,  entertain, stop and therefore ADDIMURA addressed to you, who are passing by, to tell you hold back, stop.... Typical phrase of the Sicilian mother: "addimurami stu picciriddu 10 minutes, I'll be back now", "distract me or hold this child for 10 minutes, I'll be back soon". 

You won't believe it, but in creating Addimura we 'Addimura too'. Through hard work (yes, because many of the manual works were carried out by us) we managed, before you, to rediscover this dimension, which we would now like to share with you. 

Here, we are here to "addimurarvi" you for the time you need. 

Have a good stay Loretta and Giusy